2012 Youth Male Marshal – Johnathon Chubbs

Johnathon Chubbs is the 2012 Youth Male Marshal for the Back To School Parade.  As we bring awareness to Autism, it’s best to highlight that there a multiple forms of Autism.  We’ll highlight Johnathon’s story.

Quite often kids are mis-diagnosed by “educators” and a  medical diagnostic test will help determine the symptoms.  Mis-diagnosis can lead to inappropriate or lack of services from the school system.  Both aspects are important.  In Johnathon’s case, we identified the need, the school category l is Autism for education categories but his medical diagnosis does not classified him as “Austim”…just on the spectrum. In fact, we just went through a period where an educator suspected Johnathon of having seizures …not the case.  The final medical conclusion was that he has mild  scoliosis, and the “shakes” we were seeing were most likely muscle spasms and not seizures.   His medical diagnosis was confirmed by physician, xrays and independent OT.   We had to work with the entire  staff to adjust engagement techniques.   All is well, but definitely not simple. 

We received a medical confirmation from his physician based on his symptoms and diagnostic tests that he had an autistic disorder – Pervasive Development disorder NOS( not otherwise specified).  We were immediately referred LISD for an educational determination (ie school evaluation) which was comprised of various school professionals (OT, PT, psychologist…) .  The evaluation would help determine whether a student qualifies for special education and related services as determined by IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).   His education diagnosis – Autism.