8th Annual Back To School Parade
Date:  August 23, 2015
Festival:  12p – 7p at Bartholomew Park



Mission:  To celebrate education and the return to school in the form of a parade and to use the proceeds to purchase school supplies for those who need them.

Vision:  To have a back to school parade for all people every year.

Thoughts:  With the economic downturn that our country experienced in 2008 (the inaugural year of the parade), parents were struggling to provide food and shelter for their children. Therefore, celebrating anything and purchasing school supplies may not be the highest priority for them at that time and still today. So, the time to try to assist them is NOW. I pray that this year’s parade will be followed by continual improvements in the parade from year to year. And hopefully, we can serve our community by removing some of their concerns through getting the students excited about going to school and providing them with school supplies. With the community organizations, churches, businesses, social groups, school groups, etc., we can make this happen.